PureLifeCaptured started because of my interest in capturing everything that is special in life.

A simple smile, a relationship blooming, a wedding ceremony and reception, a pregnancy, a child being born, the laughter and tears of holding that tinny little person for the first time, the family photos, birthday parties and celebrations, your life, anything that matters to us. All of those things keep me inspired to create works of art that you will enjoy for years to come.

My style is best described as natural, genuine, and fun! Simply put, I'm here to document special moment in a way that looks authentic. I utilize natural light for a more photojournalistic feel. That's why as long as I find good natural light, photographs can be taken in your home, backyard, park, beach, ice cream parlor, in any place you like. I work on location because that's where your life happens.

As a photographer, I have the responsibility and privilege to show the rest of the world the “moment” in a way that represents reality and evokes the right feeling.